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Are you ready for the lease accounting changes?

IASB and FASB have issued new lease accounting standards in Q1 2016.

This report shares:

  • What the changes are
  • Potential implications of these changes
  • Key items required on the balance sheet
Who is affected?
All companies with leases and those that file financial statements
Own or lease?
Changes could potentially shift balance towards ownership
Next steps
Analyse impact, evaluate strategies, identify approach and implement changes

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What is in the report:

Getting ready

“Over 85% of lease commitments held by listed companies using IFRS Standards or US GAAP do not appear on their balance sheets."

International Accounting Standards Board

The lease accounting changes have arrived. Is your business ready?

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"Companies around the world will be forced to add close to $3 trillion of leasing commitments to their balance sheets."

The Financial Times

Asia Pacific


Use our survey to gauge your readiness for the new standards and find out what you need to prepare.

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